Take Back the Capitol


Did Congress Forget They Represent The 99%?

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This week, thousands will converge on the nation’s capital to show Congress what democracy looks like, shine a light on corporate greed and the human suffering it has caused, and demand our representatives in Congress do right by the 99%. Even if you can't be in DC, you can have a real impact in making the voices of the 99% heard and countering the influence of the 1%.

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We will print out and hand-deliver your message during our visits to congressional offices this week to remind Congress that the Capitol is the People's House.

Share with Congress....

* How you and your family have been affected by Congress’ failure to create jobs or make millionaires and corporations pay their fair share.

* Demand they extend the federal unemployment insurance program, focus on job creation and protect Medicaid, Medicare and other essential services millions of Americans rely on.

If you don't demand justice from Congress, who will?

Follow the action live via hashtag #99indc